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I'm afraid


Inside the room the mirror opens.  Behind it, in an inferno of white light, stands the PHANTOM.  He reaches forward and takes CHRISTINE firmly, but no fiercely, by the wrist.  His touch is cold and CHRISTINE gasps.

Hanging pre- with and


The Phantom of the Opera Challenge

9 Songs (2/9)

Think of Me


'Final Lair' - Geronimo Rauch, Harriet Jones, and Sean Palmer
July 8, 2014; London

Full audio gifted here; phantom1304’s master

Anonymous sang,
i sent that ask so long ago i was worried you'd never gotten it/were upset by what i said but i'm happy you thought it was nice

were you the theatre anon? that is seriously the nicest thing ever the fact that someone thinks that makes me unbelievably happy

Anonymous sang,
sometimes you post about singing and i get this really really deep longing for you to make it as a musical theatre actress

this is the nicest thing ever you have no idea how much this means to me anon

Anonymous sang,
You seem really great and we've only spoken a couple of times but you were lovely in both of them, really strong selfie game and also you know so much about phantom I bow down to your knowledge

I wanna know who you are so we can be friends! thank you for the nice words omg I really pride myself on my phantom knowledge

Anonymous sang,
Hey GP!! I was just wondering what you thought of Mary Michael Patterson?? Thanks and I love your blog!!!!!!


I am over two weeks late on this and I am so sorry please forgive me I really was doing this or at least thinking about doing this but I just had to get the video because I have a system and I get anal about it and I finally got the video and NOW I CAN ANSWER THIS.

Slightly incoherent mix of thoughts will follow under the cut, because this ended up being longer than I thought.

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…what are you afraid of?