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Favorite US Brochure Pics (for anon)

A couple of these are the digital versions, rather than the scanned versions just because those are the ones I have saved on my computer, but they’ve all appeared in the brochures at some point or another.


Commission for villainousfitness

Daae Days: Backstage at The Phantom of the Opera with Sierra Boggess, Episode 3.

Happy birthday to the phantastic Earl Carpenter!

I think the reason why any of us are artists is because at one point art changed our lives. Theatre truly changed mine


Aminta hair, as requested by eponinesangelofmusic 


A photoset sharing my immense fascination for how different colours the Serafimo/Maid skirt can be: 

Pale mint: Toronto
Bright mint: Copenhagen/Stockholm 
Green/beige: West End 
White/pink: Hamburg/Stuttgart/Essen 
Bright blue/beige: West End 
Pale blue/grey/beige: Original West End 
Pink/turquoise: Las Vegas 
Mustard/white: US tour & Broadway 
Orange/blue: Vienna 


For iadoremusicals: Christine Daaé’s shoes. 

1. Ballet flats, worn in Europe unless the Christine is a trained dancer. Here from Stockholm. 
2. Pointe shoes, worn by most US Christines whether they dance en pointe or not. Of course also worn by pointe dancing Christines worldwide. Here from Las Vegas.  
3. Dressing gown shoes, World Tour version. 
4. Serafimo shoes, old Broadway version. 
5. Masquerade boots, old Hamburg version. 
6. Dressing gown shoes, newer Broadway version. 
7. Masquerade boots, newer West End version. 
8. Wishing/Aminta boots, US version. 
9. Wedding dress footwear: the Aminta boots are kept (US tour). 
10. Wedding dress footwear: white pumps are worn (Essen). 


For anon: different Aminta dresses 

1. Claire Lyon, World Tour. 
2. Claire Doyle, West End. 
3. Sandra Joseph, Broadway. 
4. Elisabeth Berg, Stockholm. 
5. Claire Moore, original West End. 
6. Yasuko Sado, Nagoya. 
7. Marina Prior, Melbourne. 
8. Colleen Besett, Vienna. 
9. Original Broadway dress on display. 

(I don’t remember who recoloured that Claire Doyle photo. It was originally b/w. Whoever it was, you did a beautiful job!)

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