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POTO Comparison | Music of the Night - John Owen - Jones (West End) | Hugh Panaro (Broadway).


Christine at L’Opera Gariner


"The character Christine is a classic one - it reminds of other girls. As other girls she’s getting to know herself. But I think she’s still very dependent on her father; even though he’s dead she hasn’t let go of him, and as I see it she finds herself in the Phantom. For the first time she explores her darker sides, her whole inner self, her feelings and sexuality, and through that she frees herself from the memory of her father and can work towards becoming a mature human being. A human being with a good heart, able to accept a flawed human being"

(Hanne Damm, one of the original Danish Christines, 2001


Music of the Night sketch I drew while listening to Phantasia last night, which is beyond beautiful and hit me smack in the heart with love for this story. This scene is so wonderful. So, so wonderful. I’ve been obsessed with Phantom for ten years, and the impact of this scene is as strong as ever for me. No wonder actors lust after this role. I’m not even a man and I lust after this role. It’s kind of like the “Hamlet” of  musical theater.

I’m going to add color to this one, but I wanted to post the sketch, as well. It was fun actually giving Erik half of a face for once, especially trying to keep that Leroux feel to his build while still retaining ALW’s look. Can’t wait to color this!

Father once spoke of an angel

I used to dream he’d appear

@LairdMackintosh Rehearsing with future Christine Daae alternate . She’s gonna be awesome, people!

upcoming Christine Alternate Kaley Ann Voorhees singing Glitter and Be Gay

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Favorite Theatre Ladies [3/10] → Samantha Hill

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